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How To Recharge A Prepaid Electricity Token

Prepaid electricity is a new way for customers travel malang juanda to manage and control their own electricity use according to needs and wants of customers. Using prepaid electricity customers can easily monitor electricity usage at any time.

Customers can also discipline yourself to use the appropriate power budget. In addition customers can easily control the usage and cost of electricity so as to avoid wastage.

Advantages Of Prepaid Electricity

Customers can buy a prepaid room 1: (rechargeable electric energy) in payment and ATM networks.
Customers do not have to bother opening the doors will not close because the clerk clerk meter during this run.
There will be no error logging meters.
There is no term debt, so it won't be seen billing clerk.
Customer privacy is not compromised.

Place buy prepaid room 1:
Room 1: prepaid can be purchased through the online network PLN with outlets such as:

Loket-loket PPOB partners bank (PC, EDC, or PP SMS): Bukopin, BNI, BNI Sharia, Sharia, BRI, Danamon Bank Jabar, BPRKS, Mandiri, Bank NISP, Artha Graha.
Counter-the counter of the post office.
Bank Bukopin: Teller, ATM, SMS Banking.
BPRKS: Bank Teller, ATM, Internet Banking, ADM (unt. Non Customer).

The Value Of Prepaid Room 1:

Room 1: Prepaid value consists of kWh, PPJ, and postage labels.
Room 1: the value of the option value of certain Prepaid (Rp. 20,000, Rp. 50,000, 100,000 Rp, Rp. 250,000, Rp. 500,000, RP. 500,000,-1,000,000.0 and Rp.)
Choice of room 1: free/flexible Prepaid: (Rp. 20,000 s/d 1,000,000.0-Rp.)

How To Refill A Prepaid Strum Tuesday

In use, prepaid meters should always be filled room 1: prepaid. If the balance in the prepaid room 1: less or equal demaka prepaid meters have to be refilled. NGAN 5kWh then alarm on a meter will be read in conjunction with the glowing indicator light flashes. In room 1: prepaid electricity will be discharged automatically turns off/off. To revive, you must enter the code of the voucher was purchased.

How to buy a prepaid electricity:
How to read a digital display meter prepaid

Come to the counter-the counter of electric payment PPOB or Bank registered
show ID or serial number of the meter to the operator. (a printed meter ID number printed on the customer's card)
Next you will receive a 20-digit number that is printed on the Voucher Code tandaterima.

How to enter the Voucher code into the Meter

1. Enter the 20 digit voucher code and press enter to finish.
2. Use the buttons "back Space" to correct/delete error.
3. Display "AccEPt" code accepted
4. Display "rejects" the code is rejected, repeat from the beginning.

Tips on taking care of the Meter

Clean the cover with a soft cloth to clean, do on a regular basis.
Do not use sharp objects to clean the meter.
Do not use a damp cloth when cleaning the meter.
Do not enter any wet objects padameter.

How to troubleshoot a Clogged Water Drain

Has sewer water the rest of the household kitchen set malang smoothly is the hope of every homeowner, but will become annoying if there is a blockage.

It can occur due to our own that is less concerned with the sewer treatment, wrong in applying a less oblique pipe and many twists, or often let the rest of the food or drinks goes into the sewer, for example when washing dishes, we deliberately let the dregs of coffee or tea to go into the hole sink.

But what may make when the blockage is already downloaded before cancellation occurs? the following Admins are going to try to explain the ways of overcoming the drain water is compressible. ...

drain sink
First when you use the vacuum cleaner clogged channels manual (plunger) that have a handle, are siphoned off by pressing the plunger into the hole nekan spending such as on the sink.
When first way doesn't work, try using vinegar, squirt vinegar on hole tract, then let sit for 30 minutes, after which the guyur with hot water. Use pluger to get rid of penyumbat. Guyur again with hot water, repeat this step until the channel is completely free from blockage.
Another tool that you can use is a Drain snake, this flexible tool can also be used to penyumbat the hard drive by ordinary water, things we like the former rontokan the hair can be knocked out with this tool.
Other home-based materials that you can use is Baking soda, a material that has a variety of uses it can also be used to launch a sewer. before using the baking soda, preferably channel washed down with hot water, after 20 minutes, sprinkle baking soda and leave it overnight so that the baking soda work. You can also add vinegar to get maximum results. After overnight guyur with hot water. Baking soda also can be compared with other materials in addition to vinegar, lemon juice, the juice such as lemon can eliminate fats that are stuck in the drain as well as to produce fragrant aromas.
In addition to baking soda there is also other materials not less ampuhnya i.e. the soda fire, though potent, you should be careful in applying it, wear gloves before working on it. to apply it, enter the soda fire into the channel, then let sit for a few asaat to roar from the pit stop, then channel guyur with water to melancarkannya. You can do this once a month to get maximum results.

Tips to take care so that Expensive Bag durable and can be Resold

Have a bag with good especially with the high prices will certainly make its owners be cautious in using it for fear of fast breaks, given the expensive price of the bag. But it's not just precautionary hatian, some way take care of him appropriately can membut our durable bags are durable, and may have a high selling price when resold.

Here we present some of the ways to take care of bags are expensive in order to be durable and can be sold back at a high price:

1. use of cleansing cream
Please use a cleansing cream bag sold in the market, but choose products that match the material of the bag. When applying the cream, use a cotton cloth, then wipe with a dry cotton cloth to use. To prevent unwanted things, for example the colors so faded use cream on the bottom of the bag and then when it doesn't happen to damage other parts use to daru.

2. Storage
After using a special cream bag, enter kantungnya in the bag and put it in a way didudukan. Don't be kept in plastic or vinyl bag because it will lock in the moisture. If possible, insert a paper bag so that mountings also bag does not change form. If the bag will not be used for long period, please remove the rope also selempangnya.

3. Clean the stain
Although we are already carefully to keep the bag we are smooth, but sometimes occurs also beyond allegations, for example a bag accidentally exposed to food, oil, even ink.

For food stains, sprinkle of white limestone that was already destroyed in the stain, and then clear the lime with a clean cloth in the morning. to the surface of the bag exposed to oil spills, immediately soak up with cornstarch. As for the ink stain, rubbing the eraser white slowly.

When your bag is exposed to food spills and resulting odor inside the bag, insert a plastic pouch contains baking soda. Lock bag and let sit for a day or two so that the aroma absorption on baking soda.

4. Take care of the inside of the bag
In addition to the outside, the inside of the bag needs to also get attention. Mencagah damage to the inside, put your stuff in a pouch. In addition to the contents of the bag so the more organized, it will avoid makeup pens or soiling the inside.

5. Take care of metal elements in the bag to keep it shining
untur metal in the bags provide added value from a bag. But gradually the material will experience a decline in the quality of the zipper lock bags or it will look dull. In order for it not to happen, barring by cleaning it with a liquid household cleanser commonly used to wipe the stove. In addition, the section will also be so shiny.

6. Daily care
The above treatment can indeed be done at least once a month or only when dirty. But to be more awake, you can apply a few simple rules in everyday life. For example, by not holding the bag with dirty hands or touching a new moisturizer. Or do not drying bag in hot and directly exposed to sunlight. Then avoid the bags also wear it-it's just not fast.

7. When you can't fix it yourself, that to the experts
Bring your bags to the professional services. You can go to a shoe repair services generally also can correct bags. This is you do if the bag is damaged or exposed to stains that You cannot fix yourself. (Source: Wolipop)

The bag is sealed container that can be brought to travel. Materials to make bags are paper, plastic, leather, fabric, and others. Usually used to carry clothes, books, and more. You can bag on your back called backpack, while large bags to load clothes called koper (Netherlands koffer). There is also the only bag shaped boxes that are usually used by women to carry her equipment, usually referred to as beauty or beauty case bag.

Now the bag into one of the industry's very seductive. The average population of the world, spending most of his money to spend the bag. Therefore, businessmen are very interested in developing business in the industry of this bag. Now there is a bag made from batik. His model is not less interesting than the other bags-bags. In addition, these bags may be an interesting pattern that can attract the attention of the consumer. (Wikipedia)

The secret of the automatic Switch water pump with two Buoys

The use of automatic switch for engine air is very necessary, because with dipasangnya automatic pump then toren or tank/tandon water will always be fully charged, it will avoid the lubernya tank water.

Maybe one of us will ask how do I the automatic pumps work? There are several types of automatic switch for a water pump, which is a pressure switch, Float switch, the switch with one buoy, and automatic pump switch with two buoys. But for the occasion nini I will discuss the types who wear two buoys.

One of the brands that are commonly used are the "Radar" buoy water St. 70ab. When we bought this tool it will be provided with a single switch, two buoys, and straps for pelampungnya.

The advice to read: how to install "Radar" buoy water St. 70ab on the Toren

Work principles:

automatic switch for radar
When all the equipment is installed then the second buoy in a state-dependent, this causes her lever switch that sits on it, it causes the engine power to the tersambungnya water.
In this position, then the water will fill the tank, the time of water soaking the buoy is at the lowest position, then a float will be raised/float, but not effect anything against the lever switch so the machine is still working to supply water to the tank.
When the water has reached the second buoy buoy will then uplifted and floating so long pressure on the lever switch is reduced, this will cause the switch lever back to its original position and decided an electric current to the water. Furthermore the machine stopped working the waters and the water supply was stopped. Thus the water in the tank to avoid from overflowing.
After the water in the tank for the purposes we use at home, then gradually reduced water levels, one by one the buoy will hang. When a buoy top hang then it will not affect the lever switch. However, when a second buoy was already subject to then switch lever atak interested so it will drain the engine power to the pump, so on repeatedly.

How buoy can work in such a way?

Inside each buoy contains 90% water and 10% air. The water serves as ballast (the second buoy load time dependent will be able to pull the switch lever). While the air function so that the float can float above the surface of the water (when the two floats then will return the position of the switch to its original position/off).

Automatic Water Float (Float Switch Floating/Control)

Automatic Water float (Float Switch/Floating Control)/Water Level Controller Tool (Liquid Level Control Switch) is used for the Toren/Tendons/Shelter water, etc. York is a brand that is widely used in Indonesia.
Automatic Water float (Float Switch/Floating Control)/Water Level Controller Tool (Liquid Level Control Switch) is used for the Toren/Tendons/Shelter water, etc. York is a brand that is widely used in Indonesia.

This tool has a cable length varies from each manufacturer, from two meters to five meters.

Level switch or float switch, a discrete switch is used to control the level of the surface of the liquid in the tank. Position the level of liquid in the tank is used to trigger changes to the contact switch. Position the switch level there are horizontal and some vertical.

Automatic Water float (Float Switch/Floating Control)/Water Level Controller Tool (Liquid Level Control Switch) is used for the Toren/Tendons/Shelter water, etc. York is a brand that is widely used in Indonesia. Floating control is widely used to replace other types of automatic water buoy that was not durable (no longer used) because the power pump that is too large.

Floating connection control system uses a metal ball and plate like the default automatic pump dye, so it can withstand a great power or can pass large currents making it more durable than other types of water buoy.

Working principles

Float Switch position of the dead
Float switch off/off
In horizontal position, when the surface of the liquid down, buoy will also come down, so that the contacts will change from his position. If the surface of the liquid rises again, then a float will ascend and contacts will be changed again. In vertical position, in the buoy contained magnets stick, which moves up and down to follow the surface of the liquid height. In the middle section of the pipe there is a float switch that open and close it by moving the piston remains in the magnet follows a float. FS two configurations available, namely open tanks and closed tanks. Open tank tank used to open so publicly against atmospheric pressure. While the closed tank used for the closed and pressurized tanks.

Mostly, this tool is used for only one function, namely, turn on the machine the water when the water in the tank/toren is up. And turn off the water if the water machine back in the shelter already full tank.

Float Switch position lights up
Float switch on/on
Nevertheless the Float Switch can be used in conditions otherwise IE: turn on the machine the water when the water in the Center are siphoned off is still available. And turn off the water if the water machine back in the Center are siphoned off out. Installation of Float Switch as this is usually on the well, the place where we suck up water. This is to keep the water pump in order not to light up when the condition of the well water, vacuum or experiencing a drought.

To set up a water pump can automatically on and off on the level of the water surface is desired in a way interesting or stalling wiring associated ballast point orange containing sand.

Designing The Water Heater (Water Heater) Itself

I have long wanted to make an article about the installation of a water heater for your home. Alhaamdulillah referensipun I finally get.

Kebetulah a few weeks ago My new kaka completed the manufacture water heater at his home, and from there I a lot of asking about the water heater.

The water heater was installed that I use kaka gas brand Paloma. Here's the explanation.

Want Your Durable Carpet? Here's How

A rug or carpet is a textile ambal or floor covering, consists of a top layer of "hairy" attached to its base. Pile rugs are generally made of wool or man-made fibers such as polypropylene, and usually consist of a coil-coil fringe frequently heated to maintain their structure.

Age of machine made rugs can be up to tens of years, whereas the handmade rugs can be hundreds of years old. Handmade rugs are also easier to care and does not cause allergies. The price is also more expensive, up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Most of the carpets he made famous, came from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Most good quality, carpets originating from Iran. Most of Iran is handmade rugs.

Things to note:

Most avoided the carpet is water, then so there is water spilling over, preferably directly dilap. When you pause the nmengeringkannya then the carpet will smell moldy, and the fast is broken.
When washing the carpet should be don't soak the carpet for too long. Because by soaking the carpet too long resulting in carpet dyes derived from vegetable dyes being easily fade if exposed to water.
The owner of a carpet should carpet cleaning as often as possible.

The term

The term "carpet" itself comes from the word in the language of ancient Italy carpita, "carpire" which means membului. The word carpet usually used also to refer to tapestries, where Persian rugs introduced after the opening of the perdangangan line with Western Europe in the 17th century. In its history the carpet or rug is used also to refer to the closing table as well as the wall, because the carpet is not customarily used for covering floors in Europe until the 18th century.