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How To Recharge A Prepaid Electricity Token

Prepaid electricity is a new way for customers travel malang juanda to manage and control their own electricity use according to needs and wants of customers. Using prepaid electricity customers can easily monitor electricity usage at any time.

Customers can also discipline yourself to use the appropriate power budget. In addition customers can easily control the usage and cost of electricity so as to avoid wastage.

Advantages Of Prepaid Electricity

Customers can buy a prepaid room 1: (rechargeable electric energy) in payment and ATM networks.
Customers do not have to bother opening the doors will not close because the clerk clerk meter during this run.
There will be no error logging meters.
There is no term debt, so it won't be seen billing clerk.
Customer privacy is not compromised.

Place buy prepaid room 1:
Room 1: prepaid can be purchased through the online network PLN with outlets such as:

Loket-loket PPOB partners bank (PC, EDC, or PP SMS): Bukopin, BNI, BNI Sharia, Sharia, BRI, Danamon Bank Jabar, BPRKS, Mandiri, Bank NISP, Artha Graha.
Counter-the counter of the post office.
Bank Bukopin: Teller, ATM, SMS Banking.
BPRKS: Bank Teller, ATM, Internet Banking, ADM (unt. Non Customer).

The Value Of Prepaid Room 1:

Room 1: Prepaid value consists of kWh, PPJ, and postage labels.
Room 1: the value of the option value of certain Prepaid (Rp. 20,000, Rp. 50,000, 100,000 Rp, Rp. 250,000, Rp. 500,000, RP. 500,000,-1,000,000.0 and Rp.)
Choice of room 1: free/flexible Prepaid: (Rp. 20,000 s/d 1,000,000.0-Rp.)

How To Refill A Prepaid Strum Tuesday

In use, prepaid meters should always be filled room 1: prepaid. If the balance in the prepaid room 1: less or equal demaka prepaid meters have to be refilled. NGAN 5kWh then alarm on a meter will be read in conjunction with the glowing indicator light flashes. In room 1: prepaid electricity will be discharged automatically turns off/off. To revive, you must enter the code of the voucher was purchased.

How to buy a prepaid electricity:
How to read a digital display meter prepaid

Come to the counter-the counter of electric payment PPOB or Bank registered
show ID or serial number of the meter to the operator. (a printed meter ID number printed on the customer's card)
Next you will receive a 20-digit number that is printed on the Voucher Code tandaterima.

How to enter the Voucher code into the Meter

1. Enter the 20 digit voucher code and press enter to finish.
2. Use the buttons "back Space" to correct/delete error.
3. Display "AccEPt" code accepted
4. Display "rejects" the code is rejected, repeat from the beginning.

Tips on taking care of the Meter

Clean the cover with a soft cloth to clean, do on a regular basis.
Do not use sharp objects to clean the meter.
Do not use a damp cloth when cleaning the meter.
Do not enter any wet objects padameter.

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