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The secret of the automatic Switch water pump with two Buoys

The use of automatic switch for engine air is very necessary, because with dipasangnya automatic pump then toren or tank/tandon water will always be fully charged, it will avoid the lubernya tank water.

Maybe one of us will ask how do I the automatic pumps work? There are several types of automatic switch for a water pump, which is a pressure switch, Float switch, the switch with one buoy, and automatic pump switch with two buoys. But for the occasion nini I will discuss the types who wear two buoys.

One of the brands that are commonly used are the "Radar" buoy water St. 70ab. When we bought this tool it will be provided with a single switch, two buoys, and straps for pelampungnya.

The advice to read: how to install "Radar" buoy water St. 70ab on the Toren

Work principles:

automatic switch for radar
When all the equipment is installed then the second buoy in a state-dependent, this causes her lever switch that sits on it, it causes the engine power to the tersambungnya water.
In this position, then the water will fill the tank, the time of water soaking the buoy is at the lowest position, then a float will be raised/float, but not effect anything against the lever switch so the machine is still working to supply water to the tank.
When the water has reached the second buoy buoy will then uplifted and floating so long pressure on the lever switch is reduced, this will cause the switch lever back to its original position and decided an electric current to the water. Furthermore the machine stopped working the waters and the water supply was stopped. Thus the water in the tank to avoid from overflowing.
After the water in the tank for the purposes we use at home, then gradually reduced water levels, one by one the buoy will hang. When a buoy top hang then it will not affect the lever switch. However, when a second buoy was already subject to then switch lever atak interested so it will drain the engine power to the pump, so on repeatedly.

How buoy can work in such a way?

Inside each buoy contains 90% water and 10% air. The water serves as ballast (the second buoy load time dependent will be able to pull the switch lever). While the air function so that the float can float above the surface of the water (when the two floats then will return the position of the switch to its original position/off).

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