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Tips to take care so that Expensive Bag durable and can be Resold

Have a bag with good especially with the high prices will certainly make its owners be cautious in using it for fear of fast breaks, given the expensive price of the bag. But it's not just precautionary hatian, some way take care of him appropriately can membut our durable bags are durable, and may have a high selling price when resold.

Here we present some of the ways to take care of bags are expensive in order to be durable and can be sold back at a high price:

1. use of cleansing cream
Please use a cleansing cream bag sold in the market, but choose products that match the material of the bag. When applying the cream, use a cotton cloth, then wipe with a dry cotton cloth to use. To prevent unwanted things, for example the colors so faded use cream on the bottom of the bag and then when it doesn't happen to damage other parts use to daru.

2. Storage
After using a special cream bag, enter kantungnya in the bag and put it in a way didudukan. Don't be kept in plastic or vinyl bag because it will lock in the moisture. If possible, insert a paper bag so that mountings also bag does not change form. If the bag will not be used for long period, please remove the rope also selempangnya.

3. Clean the stain
Although we are already carefully to keep the bag we are smooth, but sometimes occurs also beyond allegations, for example a bag accidentally exposed to food, oil, even ink.

For food stains, sprinkle of white limestone that was already destroyed in the stain, and then clear the lime with a clean cloth in the morning. to the surface of the bag exposed to oil spills, immediately soak up with cornstarch. As for the ink stain, rubbing the eraser white slowly.

When your bag is exposed to food spills and resulting odor inside the bag, insert a plastic pouch contains baking soda. Lock bag and let sit for a day or two so that the aroma absorption on baking soda.

4. Take care of the inside of the bag
In addition to the outside, the inside of the bag needs to also get attention. Mencagah damage to the inside, put your stuff in a pouch. In addition to the contents of the bag so the more organized, it will avoid makeup pens or soiling the inside.

5. Take care of metal elements in the bag to keep it shining
untur metal in the bags provide added value from a bag. But gradually the material will experience a decline in the quality of the zipper lock bags or it will look dull. In order for it not to happen, barring by cleaning it with a liquid household cleanser commonly used to wipe the stove. In addition, the section will also be so shiny.

6. Daily care
The above treatment can indeed be done at least once a month or only when dirty. But to be more awake, you can apply a few simple rules in everyday life. For example, by not holding the bag with dirty hands or touching a new moisturizer. Or do not drying bag in hot and directly exposed to sunlight. Then avoid the bags also wear it-it's just not fast.

7. When you can't fix it yourself, that to the experts
Bring your bags to the professional services. You can go to a shoe repair services generally also can correct bags. This is you do if the bag is damaged or exposed to stains that You cannot fix yourself. (Source: Wolipop)

The bag is sealed container that can be brought to travel. Materials to make bags are paper, plastic, leather, fabric, and others. Usually used to carry clothes, books, and more. You can bag on your back called backpack, while large bags to load clothes called koper (Netherlands koffer). There is also the only bag shaped boxes that are usually used by women to carry her equipment, usually referred to as beauty or beauty case bag.

Now the bag into one of the industry's very seductive. The average population of the world, spending most of his money to spend the bag. Therefore, businessmen are very interested in developing business in the industry of this bag. Now there is a bag made from batik. His model is not less interesting than the other bags-bags. In addition, these bags may be an interesting pattern that can attract the attention of the consumer. (Wikipedia)

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